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 Blogger Submissions

Share your story of what your cultural or racial identity means to you, express your personal heritage, how you are unique, and you may be our next issue! Read below to find out more.



Do you have unique and compelling stories to share?  It's your chance for your voice to be heard. has great opportunity for you to share your story with our audience via our website and/or social media and newsletter. 

We feature artists from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Submit pieces that celebrate racial identity, cultural identity and/or unity within diversity. Submissions can be in any format—i.e. essay, poem, short story, real life events, etc... Feel free to use anecdotes, descriptions of rituals and customs.


Fill out the writer's submission form below for your chance to be a contributor. All submissions must be original, and not previously published. We reserve the the right to promote your article as we deem fit.

Submission Guidelines

Please remember that we receive many inquiries, so we appreciate your patience. We are always looking for fresh content and opinions for our audience.

Along with your article submission, please include the following:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Please include a brief bio. Bylines should be a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do.

  • You may include photos along with your submission. Keep in mind that photos are not to be copy written.

  • Note that we reserve the right to edit all submissions. Your original work may be edited to fit our style and we reserve that right. 

  • Please remember that we do not guarantee publication of your article.

  • If we have accepted your article or have written a feature on you please remember that we may not publish your piece immediately. Furthermore, priority is given to members. To become a member, click here and sign up (found in the upper right hand corner of the blog). Membership is currently free.

  • Remember to proofread for grammatical errors, cite properly and spell check your work.If you need proof reading assistance, use tool like Grammarly etc...

  • Must not contain profanity, illegal, unethical or pornographic material.

  • Must not contain hate propaganda, violence, gambling or promoting online pharmacy.

  • Don't ask readers to visit your link. Articles must be informational driven rather than advertising material

  • Complete the blogger submission form below to submit your article for free.

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